• We are once again IFS Logistics certified

    IFS Logistics completed

    It is with great pleasure that we can announce our IFS Logistics audit has been completed. Our IFS Logistics standard version 2.3 has been found to higher level.

    Since 2015 have we each year renewed the high and comprehensive IFS logistics standard, not because it is easy, but because it is necessary and creates security for our quality in food transportation. We celebrate and thank our staff for the efforts in generating high quality and safe food transportations.

  • A greener transportation


    Far-reaching change is coming, and it affects transport.

    With effect from 1 December, a majority in the German parliament, the Bundestag, has voted in favour of a proposal to introduce an Co2 tax for heavy vehicles. The change is based on a new emissions policy for the trucks, the increase is calculated based on the vehicle's Co2 emission class.

    Cost will be depending on the kilometers driven on the Toll Roads in Germany and will mean an increase of total costs 83% compared to the current road tax. We have done everything possible to reduce this cost, by purchasing trucks with the latest standard of engines and other measures to minimize the Co2 emissions for our trucks. Despite our efforts, the cost per km driven in Germany for the Co2 tax, will be € 0.158 per driven km from 1. December 2023.

    Change in freight costs from 1. December 2023 will only cover the Co2 tax. We regret these actions on the German side but hope for your understanding that these costs are beyond our control.

    Please contact our sales team if you want to know more.

  • Our new range of trucks

    New trucks

    We welcome our new workhorses in our class for excellent transport solutions.

    We are thrilled to announce that Mercedes Benz is presence in our fleet with the latest version of the Euro 6 engine standard and with an extended safety package have we taken into consideration both the environment and the safety of the driver.

    The increasing focus of helping businesses logistics operations and enhance customers experiences within refrigerated logistics is what motivate our staff and propelling our desire to grow.

  • Exhibition season

    Exhibition season

    Every year we plan to visit the most important Food fairs in Europe, to meet old clients and stay in touch with people and the understanding of their business, and at the same time follow the markets and meet new potential clients.

    This year we have with great success and interest from many new Clients already had many good and important meetings at the Seafood Expo in Barcelona, Tutto Food fair in Milano, and fruitlogistica Berlin.

    (Picture from a good meeting at a fish client at the Seafood Expo Barcelona 2023)

  • New office in Copenhagen

    New office in Copenhagen

    To meet the constant demands of our customers to be best in class and maintain our advantages and opportunities to recruit our staff throughout Denmark, we have now also recently opened an office in Copenhagen.

    We now have in our company a total of 4 branches on carefully chosen locations in Europe.

  • Expanding once again

    Sometimes size and facts matter...

    The last of our purchases of New 235 DAF XG Trucks are being delivered just in these months.

    - market's best working conditions to our drivers with a 33 cm larger cabin give amazing space for working and resting but more than that, they are also a huge win for the environment.

    By following our investment strategy which must be environmentally responsible have we fund a match in the new series form DAF Trucks.

    These vehicles deliver on both being cost-effective and at the same time not surprisingly being the driver's favorite cabin.

    When you see some of the 235 trucks on the roads, you will be happy to know that they reduce carbon emission by more than a crazy 2650 tons of CO2 per year compared to other models.

    Ride with us for the future.

  • Expanding once again

    We´re expanding our Aalborg office

    Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S Expands Aalborg office to double capacity, in order to expand our Norwegian traffic and fish transport in 2023.

  • We invited the family

    Family Day at our new workplace

    Last weekend we invited our colleagues from our Kolding office to family day.

    Primarily so that our great colleagues could show their families their new workplace and give them further insight into their days at the office, where over 1050 units are handled daily.

    There was also the opportunity for all generations to have a ride in one of our new DAF trucks with an extra large cabin, and get a great view from life on the road.

    Thank you for a great day.

  • Almost ready to move in

    In February we finally move into our new facilities

    The Journey, from the first decisions made in Kaj Madsen A/S to build a brand new headquarter, to the reality and presence of the buildings, has been very exciting, and to Imagine that in two weeks these rooms will be full of life, is an amazing feeling.

    We look forward to “Carry the Future” together with our Clients and Colleagues from the new address.

  • We are opening af new office in Aalborg

    New office in Aalborg, Denmark

    Kaj Madsen Opens new Branch Office in DK- Aalborg. To maintain and expand our traffics to and from Norway and Sweden we have recently opened a new Branch office to gather our experts on the Norwegian Market to share knowledge and give our Clients a good service with own fleet to and from Norway. We will have a rising volume of 70-80 own trucks in Norway on a weekly basis.

  • Breaking News - salg af 50% af virksomheden

    Sale approved

    We are very pleased to announce that the Danish Authorities of Competition has finally approved the sale of 50 % of the Shares to Ta-Logistics A/S. The whole team at Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S look forward to starting a new chapter with TA logistics on board. stay tuned

  • Breaking News - We sell 50% of our company

    BREAKING: TA-Logistics A/S acquires 50% stake in Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S

    TA-Logistics A/S is expanding its activities by acquiring a 50% stake in Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S. Read more about this here:

  • New domicile


    Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S is growing and we lack space for our skilled colleagues. Therefore, we have reached an agreement with Anton Knudsen A/S on the construction of our new office domicil which will be located in Kolding NØ close to E20. The location is an optimal logistical solution for us and it makes perfect sense gathering everything at one address and give our employees even better facilities. With this new assessment, we are ready to carry both existing and new Clients, Colleagues and our Company in general in to an exciting and green future. We are well on the way and we look forward to showing you the construction which covers 3300m2 floorspace and is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

  • Sustainable Business Partner

    Sustainable Business Partner

    We are delighted to announce Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S is certified Sustainable Business Partner. Sustainable logistics is a growing topic and acts as a cornerstone at our company and we see it as a huge competitive advantage to be investing in Green technologies and knowledge.

  • Et bevis fra Shell

    Bevis på vores CO2-kompensering

    Vi har fået bevis på vores CO2-kompensering. Læs mere i denne artikel

  • Flere DAF Trucks

    More new Trucks for KM in 2021

    As we continue to grow, we have recently closed a new deal on 80 new DAF XF 480 FT trucks. We look forward receiving the new trucks and to service our customers around Europe, with our top modern Fleet.

  • Flere LNG Trucks

    More LNG Trucks

    This month Kaj Madsen will receive the next 10 LNG Trucks from Volvo. Counting 36 LNG trucks in the Fleet, 10 % of the entire Fleet is now running on LNG.

  • Rapport om grøn omstilling inden for transportområdet

    Rapport om Grøn transport i værdikæden

    Læs om hvordan transport indgår i en samlet betragtning om grøn omstilling og bæredygtighed i rapporten, som også omtaler vores virksomhed her

  • Kaj Madsen bliver grønnere med købet af 30 LNG trucks

    Interview: En grønnere vognpark

    Vi er blevet interviewt til en artikel på portalen greennetwork.dk om vores seneste indsats på miljøområdet. Du kan læse artiklen her

  • Partloads for Italy, Spain and Portugal from Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux.

    Partloads for Italy, Spain and Portugal from Scandinavia, Germany and Benelux.

    The past years Kaj Madsen has build up a solid logistic solution with own trucks collecting and delivering part loads in Italy, Spain and Portugal via three different warehouses chosen on strategically geographical locations.

    We have 3 good solutions with in the setup:

    1. \\\You book/// You Simply book your goods to us whether you have 500 kg or 100 Ton from one or several locations.

    2. \\\Your truck/// You book your Own truck where no goods from Other Clients are on, and you or we plan the wished delivery route.

    3. \\\Your choice/// You choose a mix of option 1 and 2.

    We make solutions for both Pallets and Hanging meat, Fresh and Frozen.

    Feel free to contact us for a customized solution for your Company

  • Finally we are launching LNG Trucks to our fleet aiming for a significant reduction in CO2 emissions

  • Vi CO2 kompenserer vores brændstof hos Shell

    Vi CO2 kompenserer vores brændstof hos Shell

    Pressemeddelelse:Vi co2-kompenserer alt vores brændstofforbrug!

  • UN Goals

    U.N. Development Goals

    Kaj Madsen Fjelstrup A/S sets high focus on The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 8 & 13.


  • Green transportation

    We go green!

  • Dronefoto på Lillebæltsbroen

    Kaj Madsen is flying!

    As we were producing our new brochure, we were out making new photos and videos.
    One of the shootings were at “Lillebæltsbroen” where we got some good photos of one of our trucks heading east.

  • Dronefoto på Lillebæltsbroen

    More new trucks on the way

    We are now receiving the first of our next 50 DAF XF 480 Euro 6. It is very important to have a new and modern fleet, as it goes hand in hand with security, environment and CSR.

  • Ny kunde, nye transporter

    We are there

    When we start up with new clients we want to meet and get to know the clients and their needs in every way, so nothing is a surprise, and we reach the clients demands and expectations. Here we are at the harbor loading fish straight from the ships.

  • Levering af nye, moderne køletrailere

    110 New Frigo trailers

    We are now receiving 110 new Schmitz Cargobull Frigo Trailers. They are all build with satellite door locks, Schmitz Frigo engines and extra inside height.