Our Fleet

Our fleet of 550 trucks and 600 Frigo-trailers is always updated to the best and latest in the market to ensure the best quality, most environmentally friendly production, as well as the comfort and safety of our drivers.

Our trucks consist of the brands DAF, Scania and Volvo. The units are satellite controlled, which gives us the "real-time position" of the Trucks and electronic storage of events. In addition, we have access to data such as idling, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, driver's driving time and interactive communication with the driver.

Our Frigo-trailers consist of the brand Schmitz Cargobull.
- 450 trailers for hanging meat / with rails
- 150 trailers with double stock / double compartment (2 temp.)

The trailers are equipped with GSM mobile communication and monitored with temperature and doors via satellite. We can document the transport temperature and data online from our head office.

Most recently, our trailers have been built with locks, where we can seal a trailer securely via satellite with an iron cylinder that keeps the doors closed for the benefit of general food safety and security.

With our own fleet and fleet management the units are checked continuously upon arrival in Kolding. Trucks and trailers are also being washed inside and out before moving on for the next trip, representing ourselves and our customers on the European highways.

“We carry the responsibility … all the way!”